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European Kitchen: 24 Modern Designs We Love

These are 24 of the coolest, most modern European kitchens you will ever see. With brand names like Snaidero, Schiffini, Demode, Valcucine, Scavolini, Archlinea and Rossana, no one should be surprised. After all, they are the undisputed masters of kitchen design. No matter what your style, no matter what your taste, from industrial chic to haute couture – these kitchens will rock your world.
1. Ola 20 and Ola 25 Limited Edition

Snadero’s audacious and have more attitude than any kitchen you’ve ever seen before. And a little help, in the case of Ola 25, from the design house Pininfarina.

2. Orange Evolution

With Snaidero’s kitchen, all the essentials are presented in a refined style – for the refined individual. Don’t you love how the wall flows into the floor?

3. Code Evolution

Snaidero’s is a strong blend of contemporary and retro – industrial vintage at its very finest. The floors in this kitchen make a strong statement and set the tone.

4. Frame

Snaidero’s is a shining example of urban aesthetics – clean lines make for industrial chic kitchens. And a great places to entertain.

5. Idea

Snaidero’s is simply elegant – there’s no other word to describe the sleekness and the motion of this no-nonsense kitchen. Smooth surfaces seamlessly marry hard corners in this contemporary design.

6. Elle

Snaidero;’s , a compact and minimalist design has an unusual feature – no high-hanging cabinets. An unusual choice that works in this modern space.

7. Acropolis

Snaidero’s is a self-contained circular kitchen – best positioned in the center of the designated kitchen space. And the view doesn’t hurt.

8. Board

Snaidero’s is a compact solution for smaller spaces – and a welcome addition in a market segment that is sometimes under-designed. This kitchen unit is design savvy – and customizable, too.

9. Way

Snaidero’s has flow – with long handles that extend the full length of the drawers, and flush surfaces everywhere you look. A clean, contemporary kitchen with plenty of forward motion.

10. Skyline 2.0

Snaidero’s is the ultimate in bespoke kitchens with its innovative design and customizable shapes. Not only adapted to your own body but also the space you want to occupy – it doesn’t get any better than this.

11. Skyline Lab

Snaidero’s is designed people with disabilities, and we do mean designed. Function and style meet in this high-end, low-height kitchen.

12. Atelier

Rossana’s is one of the highest-end kitchens you are likely to encounter. Tailored to fit, using exquisite materials, this space really is haute couture.

13. Mesa

Schiffini’s is truly built to be the heart of the home, all centered around the long harvest table. Unusual fixtures and adornments make this kitchen a real conversation starter.

14. Meccanica

Demode’s is essentially a meccano block kitchen – no glues, and simple to reconfigure or even move. Dismantling and reconstructing this space is as easy as child’s play.

15. Forma

Demode’s is another recyclable room – no glues at all, it, too, is a meccano set kitchen. And by moving the pieces around, you can change up your kitchen without calling your contractor!

16. Artematica Stainless Steel

Valcuine’s is a kitchen for serious cooks. Wide drawers and lots of room to move are just the beginning.

17. Artematica Cement

Valcucine’s is a fully-enclosed wonder. Open the cabinets, and an entire kitchen appears. Close them, and it’s a linear cupboard space with uber contemporary lines.

18. Sinetempore Inlay

Valcucine’s uses a masterful wood inlay around the cupboards. The design is subtle and interesting and decidedly not overwhelming, blending in with the surrounding wood details.

19. Artematica Curva

Valcucine’s is a stunning statement in stainless or glass. And the best part? It’s a finger-print free version of these favorite kitchen materials.

20. Diesel Social Kitchen

Savolini’s is clearly an entertaining – and working – kitchen. Clever touches like the chalkboard detail gives this kitchen a homespun but upscale atmosphere. Like your favorite bistro.

21. Lignum et Lapis

Arclinea’s is what we call a loaded kitchen – loaded with gadgets and kitchen helpers. Like the indoor mini-greenhouse suspended above the island – perfect for fresh herbs to flavor and garnish every meal.

22. Italia

Arclinea’s has the distinction of being a double island kitchen. And it has other unusual features that stand out, like the library ladder on rollers.


23. Convivium

Arclinea’s offers an office kitchen combo for those who work at home, or want a kitchen in their office. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, why not add a kitchen, and do it in style?

24. Gamma

Arclinea’s is a totally modern kitchen with all the latest finishes. Simplicity and style are emphasized with the almost invisible wall to floor glass wall and door.

And there you have 24 of the coolest European kitchens out there today. Which did you like best? Bet you can’t just pick one.




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