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Architects Build Modern House Around Red Oak Forest in Mexico

When they were commissioned to build a house outside Morelia, Mexico, Roof Arquitectos planted a forest first. They designed the structure around a stand of 13 Red Oaks – emulating the colonial Mexican houses of bygone days with a courtyard in the center. Situated in the north central part of Michoacan, the city is known for its buildings dating to the 15th century. But make no mistake, the rest of the concept is thoroughly modern. The residence is arranged around the patio / courtyard and is made of four blocks. But always, the focus is inward, to the forest.

White walls screen the courtyard entrance to the home.

After planting the trees, the architects arranged the residence around them.

Entering the home, you have no idea what lies beyond the walls.

The home was built around the trees and has a definite relationship with them.

Hardwood floors are a standout choice against the white walls.

It’s a very minimalist space and the tree theme is carried casually indoors.

The long rectangular window provides an uninterrupted view of the forest as you walk down the hall.

Floor-to-ceiling windows (with wooden shutters) face away from the courtyard and towards a hill.

The patio uses the same long dark hardwood boards as the interior hallways.

Doesn’t the courtyard look lovely at night?

Architects: .
Photos: Vinicio Herrera and Mariano Rentería.



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