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Art Glass Countertops by ThinkGlass

art glass countertops thinkglass 1 Art Glass Countertops by ThinkGlass
Bring a unique and modern aesthetic to your kitchen with these striking art glass countertops by ThinkGlass. These glass countertops are customizable in their shapes, sizes and patterns, so you can outfit any kitchen, any counter. And their style is equally versatile. Choose from a wide selection of embedded textures and colors, which are displayed within this hygienic and durable 1.5-inch-thick glass slab with its contemporary glossy finish. The bold colors and daring designs will splash up any kitchen. Pictured is the Ocean Inspiration countertop designed by Michael Mailhot, mirroring the ocean’s watery hues and featuring flowing lines and polished edges. More info on these art glass countertops is available by visiting .

art glass countertops thinkglass 3 Art Glass Countertops by ThinkGlass



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