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House with Many Facades

Welcome to the New Manor House – the home with many facades. Built from scratch on the river Vecht in the Netherlands between Maarsen and Vreeland, the stunning house was designed by . The house was built in the style of its 17th century country estate neighbors in the spirit of historic preservation, and in keeping with the area bylaws. What they came up with is truly incredible – the house has a block design to match the style of the region but is totally modern as well. We’ve only shown you a few of the highlights but if you follow the link to MDRVD’s website, you’ll see much more. The interior is as “wow” as the exterior. Organized as “blocks”, the rooms are placed or suspended inside the volume and wooden footbridges connect them. The whole effect is a unique interpretation that mixes the old and the new so beautifully. The landscape is a collection of different gardens, each with its own plants and shrubs, character, ranging from classic lawns to vegetable garden to wild meadow. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be Lord (or Lady) of this Manor?