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Light by Tueco is a Completely Enclosed Shower Stall

Designed by Lenci, Light is a Duralight composition which is a patented solid surface composite material that just happens to be pliable. Duralight is exclusive to Tueco and its versatility allows for new and innovative designs such as this amazing light shower.

Light also features an enclosed Duralight roof. Sleek and minimalist in aesthetic the enclosed roof is fitted with nozzles that create a rain effect when turned on.

Aside from having a “rain” shower, Light also has a waterfall feature as well as perimeter lighting.

The shower stall is an amazing 8mm thick and can therefore retain far more of the shower’s heat then the regular 6mm showers do and thanks to an air circulation system the temperature within Light can be kept constant and uniform.

The roof retains all the steam produced by the shower while the shower itself features three sections of massaging water as well as an innovative Oyster Technology acoustic panel in the Bluetooth version.

The Duralight material used within Light is an acrylic based composite material patented by and produced only by Teuco.




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