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Living Roof House Built with the Use of Local Soil

This living roof house was built using local soil and a seeded roof. You simply cannot be closer to nature than this. But make no mistake – this is no Yurt. This is a gorgeous contemporary weekend retreat on the coast of the Boso Peninsuala in Japan. And the vistas go on for miles through the floor to ceiling glass walls. The owner, who lives in a high-rise condo, wanted to get away from it all on weekends. And this is just the spot. A project by , the home is a combination of raw nature and smooth design. The structure is concrete, but needed to be coated to prevent salt damage. So a formula was developed that used local site soil (along with resin and cement) for the exterior – bringing the land into the house. The owners participated with trowels and shovels, contributing to their dream home with their own toil and sweat. The roof uses the same soil as a final layer, and it was seeded to create a true green roof. And one that will go native, opening yet another door to the harmony between nature and man. Now, that’s Zen.