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Cooking With Pleasure: Modern Kitchen Window Ideas

Kitchen window is one those architectural elements that can really transform the place. It traditionally comes above the sink, but it’s not the case for most contemporary designs that look to enhance daylight exposure, and create beautiful panoramas in the kitchen. These modern kitchen window ideas are definitely worth seeing.

Twist on Tradition

The modern twist on tradition is a frameless window over the sink that overlooks a green backyard or swimming pool. Some designers take this opportunity to create an open home bar as well. As the window opens up, the bar is ready to serve.

Big kitchen window Cooking With Pleasure: Modern Kitchen Window Ideas
Big kitchen window via
Black framed window 1 900x1199 Cooking With Pleasure: Modern Kitchen Window Ideas
Black framed window via
Sectioned windows
Sectioned windows via
The Nashville Residence by Bonadies Architects
Modern kitchen window ideas in the Nashville Residence by
Sleek kitchen by Anton Medvedev
Modern kitchen window ideas by

Modern windows that come in a more traditional style still have a size advantage over the usual panes we’re used to seeing.

Contemporary frames also differ from the traditional ones. They are slimmer, and have a more industrial vibe to them.

Backsplash Window

A backsplash or letterbox window is a great way to let some light in, if your kitchen lacks windows. It may be a pain to keep clean, but that’s just the trade-off for having a bright, light area for cooking and eating.

East Malvern Residence by LSA Architects
East Malvern Residence by
Kent House in Melbourne by David Watson Architect & AGUSHI Builders
Kent House in Melbourne by &
Kitchen by Amber Interiors
Kitchen via 
MATRIX by Varenna by Poliform
MATRIX by Varenna by

If you want to spare yourself a ton of housework, you can keep a letterbox window apart from the cooking top. It’s far easier to get off water stains off glass than grease.

Framed or frameless, a letterbox window looks great. Aside from providing your kitchen with natural light, it opens up to the surrounding environment, inviting the views in.

Modern Kitchen Window Ideas: Panoramic Windows

Speaking of views, panoramic windows have got to be the most amazing. Opening up to breathtaking vistas, they make for a sound investment. There is an additional indirect cost to them, though, as you have to have a house in a picturesque spot to make them work.

Bagno Sasso Mobili Varenna Kitchen
Varenna Kitchen
Blade kitchen from Modulnova
Blade kitchen from
ALEA kitchen by Poliform
ALEA kitchen by Poliform
Good House by Crone Partners
Good House by
Oak Pass by Walker Workshop
Oak Pass by
Kitchen glass wall
Kitchen glass wall via

Even if you have a green privacy fence outside, though, such a window may still work. It will definitely make an impression.

This is another way of creating an outdoor home bar. All you’ll need is a few stools and bar stacked with your favorite spirits.

Transom Windows

Transoms are great, as they bring an unexpected element to the design along with daylight. There are also variations that look more like windows but also act as transoms. And these are a perfect match for contemporary kitchens.

Templestowe by Grundella Constructions
Templestowe by
Gallery of Mosh House by Foong + Sormann
Gallery of Mosh House by
Small kitchen
Small kitchen via
Daniel Libeskind kitchen for Varenna
Daniel Libeskind kitchen for
Twelve Kitchen by Carlo Colombo from Varenna Poliform
Twelve Kitchen by Carlo Colombo from
Fredensborg House by Norm Architects
Fredensborg House by

These don’t have to open up. Their primary function is to provide light, and offer a view of a particular side. This can be helpful, when your house doesn’t have many fortunate angles on the outside beauty.

Transom windows may often extend into skylights, which is a brilliant idea, since sky views are almost always inspiring, and work regardless of whether your house has views or not.

Window Puzzles

Windows arranged in puzzles are the latest trend in architecture, and they look great. They expand the area of light exposure, and open up to more views. What’s a better way to decorate a kitchen?

Kitchen by Arredo3 Cucine
Modern kitchen window ideas in the kitchen by
Modern window puzzle
Modern window puzzle via
CB Residence by Marc Merckx Interiors
CB Residence by
4249 House by DGBK
Modern kitchen window ideas at 4249 House by
Folding window
Folding window via

While these aren’t all that widespread among the modern kitchen window ideas, they definitely deserve some attention and consideration.

There is some charm about cooking in an outdoor/indoor atmosphere. Bring about a dining area, and you’re all set for your best family dinners.

Oversized Windows

Oversized windows are a trend everywhere, including modern kitchens. Again, it’s done to increase light exposure, and make the place appear bigger and brighter. There are more design ideas than simply oversized squares and rectangles, however. Take, for instance, at GrupoMM’s corner window.

Cañada House by GrupoMM
Cañada House by
Interior design by AD Office
Interior design by
Project K by JUMA Architects
Project K by
Boffi kitchen
Cuisine Elektra by Maestra Interior Design
Cuisine Elektra by
Minosa Design sleek contemporary kitchen
sleek contemporary kitchen

Big windows that border or actually function as doors are just practical. If you have a great outdoor area, you want a kitchen access to it and vice versa.

They also look much more impressive architecture-wise, and you can really fool your eye to see it as a bigger room.

Window Seat

A kitchen window seat, what can be a more pleasant way to keep a close eye on your favorite meals, while they’re cooking? Somehow a built-in bench with a couple of cushions makes any window (small or big) look sweet and special.

Kitchen window seat Adams + Beasley Associates
Kitchen window seat by
Millwork by Large Home Service
Modern kitchen window ideas by
Park Avenue by Wettling Architects
Park Avenue by

There isn’t even a need for a big impressive window to make the window seat work. It could be as traditional as they get, and still look quite modern and romantic.

An additional perk of having a window seat is that you can get more storage space out of it. Way to keep that kitchen looking flawless.

Modern Kitchen Window Ideas of All Kinds

Glass inclusions have really become a staple of a modern house, and that includes the kitchen. There are many ways to design them, and you should really look into adding some during your next kitchen remodeling.

Contemporary kitchen by Cutout Architects
Contemporary kitchen by
Riverview House by Nobbs Radford Architects
Riverview House by
Nigel Lewis House by Bruce D. Nigel
Nigel Lewis House by
True Bespoke Kitchens
Design by
Interior kitchen window
Interior kitchen window via

An interior window is something that can help open plan homes to get more light into the kitchen. Here, a Swedish studio kitchen was walled off from the main area with all the windows and light, so the architects added a window that opens up to the rest of the interior to get the portion of daylight. A great solution for when your kitchen is tucked away, and has no windows.

Modern kitchen window ideas are too cool to pass up. You don’t need a lot of space or glass to make an impression with one of these.




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