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Overhead Shower Head Shelves – Bougies from Ritmonio by Peter Jamieson

“Bougies” is the name of the new collection of stainless steel shower heads from Ritmonio of Italy – with an added twist. Each of these shower heads also serves as a shelf – so you can add elements to your shower. Infused scent sticks will add aromatherapy to your waterfall shower – to relax the senses. The soft glow of a candle adds further ambiance and you can throw in a moisture-loving green plant to bring nature in. Really, when you think about it, where’s the one place you can get away from everyone and every communications device you own? The shower. Don’t you deserve a decadent one? Designed by Monaco’s Peter Jamieson, the “Bougies” shower head collection will turn your daily shower into an upscale spa-experience. Being both an architect and designer, Jamieson considered both the room and the fixture in this clever concept. If you’ve got the space, group two, three or even four shower heads together for maximum impact (see photo below).

If you have the space, group two together.

Four “Bougies” make a dramatic statement.

A little aromatherapy for your shower.

Set the shower head to rain or waterfall.

You can light the candles even when the water is turned off.

This one is from the Waterblade collection by Ritmonio but fits with the Bougies perfectly.

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