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Smeg Small Applicances: Retro Look, Tech Upgrade

These gorgeous retro appliances do indeed rock around the clock with style but make no mistake — they are as high tech as it gets. The toaster – for example – has six browning levels. The stand mixer has 10 speeds with slow start. The kettle has seven heat settings – not to mention all those luscious colors. You can pre-set your blender program over four different speeds. All pieces are “Emblem Style” – with the unmistakable SMEG font on each piece. These small appliances pack a big punch and they look oh-so-retro out on the counter. (Bring on the melamine plates!) Mid-century modern is never out of style and at times (think: now),it’s the latest rage. And small wonder, many of the designs of that era stand up to the test of time and look fantastic decades later. Neat-O.

A wide range of color choices are available.

Toasters have extra wide slots to accommodate different breads.

The blender has four speeds.

Pink or robin’s egg blue?

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