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Tiling Walls in Brick Tile Pattern is Easy with the New Glossy Brick by Ragno

It’s easy to tile your walls in a brick tile pattern with the new “Glossy Brick” by . Ragno of Italy, that is. Who makes finer ceramic tile than the Italian masters? Rich material and a glossy enamel finish give these large tiles a brightness and softness at the same time. At an oversized 10x30cm (approximately 4″ x 12″), they are much larger than the more common New York subway tile style (at 3″ x 6″). They are true brick size – but with a bright gloss and extensive color palette. Choose from white, beige, gray, blue or black – or mix and match. Created for a young, sophisticated audience – these tiles create a contemporary urban atmosphere. For both the young – and the young at heart.



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