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Unique Kitchen Design Elements to Design a Dream

Unique kitchen design elements make realizing dreams easier, simply because they give the cook room such variety. Everything from cooker hoods to cabinet handles comes in a myriad and one designs that can turn the most utilitarian kitchen into a chef’s dream.

Modern Cooker Hoods

Since we mentioned them first, let’s take a look at the modern cooker hoods. They are simply amazing. You can find them in a form of simple but stylish metallic tubes, cool slide outs, and all kinds of other shapes. Finishes vary, too. Stainless steel and glass aren’t the only two options today.

AUHAUS concrete home in Australia Unique Kitchen Design Elements to Design a Dream
 unique kitchen design elements
Slide out downdraft AL 400 by Gaggenau 900x674 Unique Kitchen Design Elements to Design a Dream
Slide out downdraft AL 400 by
Futuristic kitchen hood
Futuristic kitchen hood via
Falmec's Rubik 43 kitchen hood
Rubik 43 kitchen hood

Designers take every opportunity to make the hoods less bulky and appliance-y and rather more alluring and decorative.

There are also futuristic designs, if you don’t mind lacquered plastic and curvy lines. Built-in extractor hoods are, too, available, if you’d rather not have one hovering over the stove.

Unique Kitchen Design Elements

Unique designs are constantly emerging on the market, you only need to keep an eye out. Mammut floor kitchen hoods certainly look impressive, but you may require much more space to accommodate even one of those.

Mammut floor kitchen hood by Minacciolo
Mammut floor kitchen hood by
Rounded giant hood
Rounded giant hood via
Bora downdraft by Willi Bruckbauer
downdraft by Willi Bruckbauer
INTERSTELLAR cooker hood by Elica
Interstellar cooker hood by

Addressing attractiveness (or lack thereof) of ceiling hoods, Elica created a design that resembles a crystal chandelier, which will certainly give your kitchen that elegant luxury feel.

But even if you aren’t against the ceiling variety, there are more shapes than the familiar rectangle. You won’t have to look hard to find some designing options.

Interior Architecture

You can always count on interior architecture to add a unique touch to any of your rooms. It can be as simple as molded ceiling or an oddly-shaped window. Of course, you can go much further, if you’re just in a planning phase of your home.

Molded ceiling
Molded ceiling via
NUAGE wall-mounted steel cooker hood by Elica
NUAGE wall-mounted steel cooker hood by
Indigo Slam by Smart Design Studio
Indigo Slam by
California Dreaming kitchen by Bild Architecture
California Dreaming kitchen by
Andrew Maynard Architects put a staircase through the kitchen island
put a staircase through the kitchen island
Templestowe by Grundella Constructions
Unique kitchen design elements by

Windows, skylights, and transoms may not be the most intricate of interior architecture elements but they will definitely bring lots of daylight to the kitchen, and open it up to the views.

Andrew Maynard went unconventional route with a staircase that runs through the surface of a kitchen island.

Unique Finishes

Unusual finishes may not always be practical but they are mostly always unexpectedly impressive. Rare stones while undoubtedly gorgeous aren’t your only option, though. Simple materials like wood and concrete can look quite unexpected, if you find a different use for them like this wooden cooker hood by Elica.

BIO ISLAND cooker hood by Elica
BIO ISLAND cooker hood by
Graphic backsplash
Unique kitchen design elements via
Amazingly unique kitchen island
Amazingly unique kitchen island via
Live Edge kitchen island
Live Edge kitchen island via
Elica Wendy Morgan + Star.jpg
Wendy Morgan + Star unique kitchen design elements

Live-edge wood elements make not only an unexpected and gorgeous addition to the kitchen but also render it trendy. Even that, however, isn’t necessary to make an impression. Think weathered tiles with a graphic print or a stock photographic mural.

A simple contrast in materials can also be enough to create dynamic in the interior that will be instantly recognizable.

One-of-a-Kind Islands

Unique kitchen islands often require lots of space, but as long as it’s not an issue, they can truly transform the room. Various brands tried different shapes, but a rectangle is still pretty much the industry’s favorite. You may find traditional islands with unusual oddly-shaped elements, though, like the design below by Elmar.

Kitchen Leaf by Culimaat HI-MACS
Kitchen Leaf by HI-MACS
Extendable kitchen island work surface with a breakfast corner
Extendable kitchen island work surface with a breakfast corner by
Kitchen island as dining table by Kristianne Watts
Kitchen island as dining table by
Luxurious kitchen design by Katty Shiebeck
Unique kitchen design elements by
Kitchen with a table kitchen island by FINNE Architects
Kitchen with a table kitchen island by
Contempomrary eco kitchen
Contemporary eco kitchen via

No need to outfit the entire kitchen in custom cabinetry. Investing into a unique kitchen island, however, makes sense, since it’s always the main focal point of the room.

Those unusual islands are as functional, in case you wondered, so don’t hesitate going with something bolder.

Unique Kitchen Design Elements: Hardware & Features

Even hardware can make much difference in the kitchen. Modern kitchen sinks and hardware look for more than to provide you with appropriate functions. Also kitchen features may range from something familiar like a peninsula to an unexpected fireplace.

Kitchen by Andrea Berton
Unique kitchen design elements by Andrea Berton via
Kitchen with a photographic mural
Kitchen with a photographic mural via
Champaigne basin
Champagne basin via
Glen 2961 by SAOTA
Glen 2961 by

SAOTA never fails to take luxury to the next level with every new project. In Glen 2961 they built a fireplace into the side of a stone kitchen island.

Photographic murals and other types of wall decor aren’t as widespread in kitchen decor, but that’s what makes them a great decor solution.

Accessories & Furniture

Kitchen accessories and furniture don’t have to be the means to an end. For instance, unique lighting fixtures can become an original design element in your kitchen. That minimal kitchen below would look too ascetic without the two extendable angled lamps.

Ceiling lights
Ceiling lights at
The cut by Alessandro Isola
The Cut by
Kitchen island seats
Kitchen island seats via
Repurpose cabinets
Repurpose cabinets via
Oban House by AGUSHI
Oban House by
Boffi kitchen

Kitchen furniture design is too varied right now to stick with boring. You’ll also find it pleasantly multifunctional and cool.

Of course, repurposing old vintage furniture can have its advantages. For one, it’s unique and may also be free. What’s not to love?

Unique Storage Ideas

Similarly, storage doesn’t have to be a headache in a contemporary kitchen thanks to all the storage-friendly kitchen furniture. Aster Cucine created a kitchen design that is specifically tailored for wine lovers, while Team 7’s island with the longest pull out drawer is made with pedantic hosts in mind.

DOMINA kitchen by Aster Cucine
DOMINA kitchen by
Fixer Upper kitchen remodel
Fixer Upper kitchen remodel via
Under ceiling wine storage
Under ceiling wine storage via
Toncelli kitchen island with a sliding-top
kitchen island with a sliding-top
Team 7 kitchen island with a pull out drawer
kitchen island with a pull out drawer

Kitchen cabinets don’t have to be made out of wood. Fixer Upper makes a point with wispy open glass shelving. Supported by golden tubular pillars, it allows plenty of daylight to travel further into the open plan kitchen from the living area.

More unique kitchen design elements are to be found in the great wild that is internet. Take a look around to design your dream kitchen.




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