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Walnut Wood Furniture by IL Pezzo Mancante

walnut wood furniture pezzo mancante 1 Walnut Wood Furniture by IL Pezzo Mancante
walnut wood furniture pezzo mancante 6 Walnut Wood Furniture by IL Pezzo Mancante
We love the Bohemian look of this unusual walnut wood furniture by IL Pezzo Mancante. The walnut has a wonderful, traditional flair, featuring its contrasting grain of light and dark, treated with a natural oiled finish. The wood is complemented by Carrara marble, and we love the unusual “feet” featuring sculptural, asymmetrical brass silhouettes. The combination of geometric lines with these organic elements creates a fabulous eclectic look that works well with a variety of decorating styles. Check out the full furniture collection online by visiting .

This features stylish storage space, and we love the contrast of this horizontal piece with its vertical grain.
On a smaller but equally stylish scale, this makes a great addition to compact homes.
Pair it with this matching that makes great use of space, maximizing your vertical storage with a minimal footprint.
The mirrors those wonderful shapes, and is upholstered in luxurious leather or velvet – swoon. This piece is great for extra seating in your living room or den, and it doubles as a contemporary coffee table.




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