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Wood Burned Coffee Table by Cecilia Galluccio

Just look at the incredible scenes that unfold on these wood burned coffee table and chair. How awesome are these pieces of art masquerading as furniture? Artist Cecilia Galluccio makes these bespoke table and chair to order – with your own choice of design. You can really make these pieces “you”.

Well, she can really make these pieces you. They take her nine months to complete (hmm, remind you of anything?). She’ll send you photos weekly via email to keep you updated and to make sure the project stays on track and is being created the way you want it. The chair pictured (below) is child-sized…can you imagine this as a gift for a newborn with the family history etched in?

You can order it early, and it will be ready when the baby is. Made of oak, this burned furniture will be handed down from generation to generation. Talk about a tree of life!

Finely burned oak furniture can tell your family story.

The incredible detail changes these pieces from furniture to art.





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