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Bedroom Bathroom Partition in Colored Plastic Panels – DIY idea

This bedroom bathroom partition is done in colored plastic panels. What an easy DIY this would be, don’t you think? The colors are just astounding, we love the impact they make together. They are so bright and cheerful! It’s part of the D47 House in Polland by . But you, too, could easily do this as a DIY project. The colorful plastic panels are easy to find and you could even do it in glass if you prefer. Choose the colors to match your own style and décor. Design it, buy it, frame it and you’re done! And your bedroom bathroom partition will bring splashes of color to both rooms!



  • Janet Buck

    It says these plastic panels are easy to find but I have been searching the internet and can’t find them anywhere. Can you give us sources to purchase these at?

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