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11 Christmas Advent Calendars: Updated Styles for a Traditional Favorite

Christmas comes just once a year, but there are only 24 days in the Advent Calendar – and the countdown starts on December 1. Are you ready? The traditional advent calendar has given way to a more stylized version – from old photos on reclaimed wooden trees to spa treats in sleek, modern packages. And let’s not forget the whiskey advent calendar! From chocolates to cocktails – here’s to the Christmas season!

Linen Garland Advent Calendar

Cookie Advent Calendar

It’s in the Bag – Advent Calendar

The Presents of Christmas – Advent Calendar

A Dram a Day – Advent Calendar

The Spa Advent Calendar

Bucket List – Advent Calendar

Chocolate Truffles – Advent Calendar

Wicker Advent Calendar


Eco Advent Calendar

Starry, Starry Night – Advent Calendar

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