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Cliff House in Spain: Part Gaudi, Part Hobbit, All Masterpiece

Casa del Ancantilado (literally, Cliff House) is located high above the Mediterranean sea in Salobrena, Spain. Part Gaudi, part Hobbit – there’s something about this house that keeps us coming back for another peek. Designed by , there’s no denying it’s a masterpiece. It was a very ambitious project, given the 42º slope of the hill. Buried into that steep slope, the house maintains an ambient temperature of approximately 72 degrees (20 Celsius) year-round.

Casa del Encantilado looks almost like a dragon coming out of its lair.

The eyes hold the bedrooms – and the glass balconies.

Three bedrooms each have a glass balcony facing the magnificent Mediterranean.

What a view! We’d be happy to wake up to this every morning.

The roof is metal mesh with zinc shingles – a fully bespoke creation.

A cantilevered terrace holds an infinity pool – and the view certainly is to infinity.

The architects worked with the lay of the land to create an interior like no other.

At a 42º angle, the home had to be built into the hill in order to minimize costs. But the embedding of the house allowed for so much more than a reasonable budget – it turned the home into a one-of-a-kind creation.

From every angle, the home is unique and intriguing.

Buried in the slope, the house is covered by a curved blade of reinforced concrete.

Check out those light tubes / skylight installations. Could anything be more avant-garde? The main social zone can hold 70 people auditorium style.

The curves continue throughout the house.

The house is on two floors, with a long terraced hall.

Substantial parties can be hosted in the main room. Such a futuristic look, with the built-in molded furniture and green plants.

The curved concrete reinforcement with its zinc scales looks like the arm of a dragon, especially at night.

Casa del Ancantilado, or Cliff House, has certainly earned its name.
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