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7 Cool Patio Features I Found Today

Often, when we design our new dream home, we concentrate too much on the indoors and tend to forget about the outdoors. This quick list is to remind you that patio features can be as beautiful and cozy when you put some thoughts into them …

1. The Courtyard Patio Fire Pit

architectural ideas courtyard fire pit 1 7 Cool Patio Features I Found Today
architectural ideas courtyard fire pit 1a 7 Cool Patio Features I Found Today

2. The Patio Fireplace Under Roof

Another patio fireplace idea, but this one is under the roof – my favorite. You can still see the stars but rain won’t get you.
Like this idea? This passively cooled house has many more.
3. The Sunken Fire Pit Space

The sunken design Makes it modern and cozy.
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4. The Retractable Patio Canopy

And there you have it … a fireplace under the roof as well … or an open patio under the sun.

5. The Sunken Tub Under Retractable Canopy

Simple and cool covered deck. Uses the sunshine to warm up the water.
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6. The Sunken Hot Tub

If you get winters, here’s how you can enjoy your patio.
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7. The Concrete Gazebo

Concrete is practically maintenance free. And your hammock is hung securely.

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