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Futuristic House on Edge of Cliff Has Swimming Pool for Roof

Can you believe that this house on the edge of a cliff has a swimming pool for a roof? How futuristic – and unique – is that? Built by (Open Platform for Architecture) and perched over the Aegean Sea, Casa Brutale is a one-off home. The magnificent view – and the game of light and shadows – make this house what it is. There is a surprising amount of natural light that filters in from the top to bottom windows on the ocean side – and down through the pool from above. The blue light cast by the waters are in perfect harmony with the vast blue of the Greek sky. Built of concrete, the home’s crystalline pool is made of reinforced glass and set between the walls. Building into the ground the way they have forms perfect thermal insulation. And looking at it from above ground, you could be forgiven for thinking it was merely a swimming pool. But oh my, what a splendid house lurks beneath the surface. Truly a buried treasure.





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