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Futuristic Wall Mounted Kitchen by Antonio Lupi – LaCucina

Designed by Marco Casamonti and Andrea Lupi for Antonio Lupi, LaCucina is a sleek kitchen that replaces the usual kick with, well, nothing. The kitchen has no kick because it is wall mounted.

LaCucina can be reduced to just the counter, backsplash and overhead shelf – eliminating the below-counter cabinetry completely.

The counter contains an integrated sink as minimalist as the kitchen itself.

The bright continuous light strip below the shelf, coupled with the black shadow void beneath the cabinetry, enhances the linear dynamic.

The counter contains a built-in cooktop as well as space for a cutting board. The overhead shelf holds the extractor hood for the cooktop as well as the lighting system.

The countertop is a continuous easy to clean Corian surface that any cooking accessory can be inserted into or stationed on.

The counter can be custom designed into any number of configurations – such as this single pedestal, double counter island creation.

Just as the counter can be customized, so too can the number or size of sinks.

Almost floor to ceiling designs can accommodate wall ovens, fridges and pantries. I say almost floor to ceiling because the cabinets don’t actually touch the floor.

Dishwashers and wine coolers are also commonly implemented into the LaCucina Kitchens.

The integrated lighting strip guarantees correct lighting for the workstations.

Because LaCucina Kitchens are all wall-mounted, they can be installed at a height customized for the end user.

LaCucina can be custom created at any length with any features, without limitations.

The worktop is the main priority of LaCucina, here all necessary tools are close at hand and not hidden away.

The mixers and taps in satin stainless steel are from the Ayati Collection.



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