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Green Entry Door Sets the Green Motif for the Entire House

The first view of the Shakin’ Steven’s home is both misleading and prescient. The Victorian bric-a-brac belies the modern style that waits within, while the lime green door foreshadows the interior color scheme. Connecting with nature and the outdoors inspired the green theme of this cubist home. And the house indeed flows seamlessly from indoors to out. Which is due, at least partly, to the cleverly continued flooring from interior to exterior. Designed by of Australia, the client wanted green in both color and spirit and the firm delivered – with a twist. The green is used sparingly, on only occasional walls and backsplashes, and extravagantly – applied to large, bold spaces. Not just a touch here or there, but a major statement. It’s a house of paradoxes, of contradictions and of great design style. And of indoors, and out.