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House with Privacy Brick Walls

This Kerala, India house design has been called “intimidating,” and that is precisely the desired look and feel for this sheltered, shielded contemporary house design, where privacy is first and foremost. Aptly called the , this interesting home by Lijo Reny Architects features a pair of long, bricks walls running right up to the front entrance. Behind the wall, the concrete and glass house is no doubt a local landmark. Inside, unusual architectural features abound that give the exterior a run for its money! We don’t get to feature many modern Indian homes, so here’s one you’ve got to see!

The architects explain, “The brief from the client was simple and short, ‘a fort like house that one can’t scale.’ As the site sat right in the middle of one of the rougher districts of Kerala, the client wanted a house that looked intimidating. In fact, that is the very feel that one gets as one stands outside trying to get in.”

The walls are made of plaster and laterite – stone that is locally sourced and widely used for its aesthetics and connection to the environment.


The wall begins at the home’s exterior and winds its way through the manicured garden and into the house itself.

The wall continues around the large yard, with palms, bamboo and lush plants towering over it on the outside.

A lovely stone feature is built into the garden.

The grassy lawn is dotted with stone tiles, adding artistic interest and transitioning into a stone patio abutting the glazed lower level.


These louvred windows provide privacy without compromising the view.

Natural light spills into the home, illuminating the home’s interesting architectural features inside.

Tall, arching ceilings give the add an organic flair to these clean, modern interiors. A set of sliding glass doors open this living area to the outdoors.

Step into the window nook and look up – a skylight!

The stone wall that wraps around the garden works its way right into the dining room, bringing with it a warm, rustic flair. Floor to ceiling glass walls show uninterrupted views of this signature feature.

Just outside, the patio stone transitions to grass underfoot.

The kitchen is a modern style space featuring rich, espresso cabinets and stainless steel details. Glass uppers lighten and brighten the dark wood.

The living area leads through an overarching doorway into to a bright stairwell.


Look down and you’ll see an interior garden rising up through the void, complemented by wood steps that bring a natural element to this soaring white space.

The master bedroom is just one sleeping area of many. The window overhead brings light and architectural interest to the room, highlighting the curved ceiling. Glass walls slide open to the outdoors.

The vaunted ceiling adds a great sense of height to the bedroom.

At the bottom of the stairs, an indoor pool may be on the lower level, but a glass ceiling floods the space with bright, natural light.

Here’s the glass ceiling that tops the pool, viewed from above.

A black-painted home theater is equipped with comfortable seating and a big screen to take in the latest in Bollywood and Hollywood feature films.

R&R opportunities continue outside – the house is equipped with a badminton court at the rear.

Steal a sneak-peek from the outside in.

photo credit: Paveen Mohandas



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