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IKEA PS 2014 Pendant: a lamp that dims while changing looks

This pendant lamp from dims but it’s not the usual dimmer switch. This lamp dims while changing its looks. One can’t help but think ‘spaceship’ when you first see it. It’s a transforming sphere, it’s an exploding lamp – the future is now. We can’t stop watching the video! Pull on a simple drawstring, and this sphere becomes an exploding mass of panels. Pull the string again and it retreats back to a perfectly round ball. As it opens up it gives away more light, and dims the light as it closes up. So you can have a mysterious light emitting sphere (romantic dinner) or a bright modern pendant (relatives over) in one fixture. The rods on which the panels are attached will be available in two different colors – orange (as pictured) and turquoise. The lights, naturally, are LED and environmentally friendly. Designed by David Wahl for IKEA, this space-age pendant lamp is sure to fly off the shelves!

ikea ps 2014 dimmer pendant 1 IKEA PS 2014 Pendant: a lamp that dims while changing looks




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