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Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece – 16 Modern Easy DIY Ideas

Mason jars really are one of the most versatile items out there – and great fun to play with around the holidays. Any holiday, really, but we’re concentrating on Christmas today. A little ingenuity and scavenging around what you’ve already got – and you can probably make something pretty special for the center of the table. From elegant lights to whimsical dioramas, the only limit is your imagination. Fill those Mason Jars with Holiday Cheer and when December 26 rolls around, start thinking about how to decorate them for New Year’s Eve!

Hobby Lobby Painted Stencil Mason Jars Idea – Stencil out a Christmas tree or a Snowflake design before painting mason jars.

Mason Jars with Lights

Mason Jar with Light Centerpiece

Floating Candle Mason Jar with Rosemary and Cranberries

Cranberry Christmas Centerpiece Mason Jar with Floating Candle

Glass Beads Mason Jar

Faux Mercury Glass Mason Jar

Glitter Lighted Mason Jar

Snowy Mason Jar

Glowing Mason Jar

Birch Bark Wrapped Mason Jar Candle Holder

Red and Green Hand-painted Christmas Mason Jars

Country Christmas Vintage Table Centerpiece Mason Jar Red and White

Silver Christmas Vase – Painted Mason Jar

Vintage Look Scented Christmas Mason Jar with Pinecone Branch

Yosemite Christmas Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece Vase

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