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Naturally Curved Hardwood Flooring by Bolefloor

Yes, you heard right: naturally curved hardwood flooring. Isn’t this flooring incredible? We’ve covered these unusual wood floors before and now that they’ve come out with additional offerings, we think they’re certainly worth looking at again. What curves! The curved lengths follow the tree’s natural curves. Nature didn’t create straight floors – manufacturers did. Bolefloor takes its name from its source material – bole meaning trunk of a tree. Their technology allows more material harvested per tree, thereby minimizing the need to cut more down. And each floorboard is unique – as is each tree in the forest. This very funky floor is available in oak, ash, cherry, maple or walnut. As Bolefloor so astutely states: “Life is not a straight line”. So why should your floor be?

The Bolefloor follows the natural curve of the wood.

Each piece of this floor board is unique!

The walnut (above) and cherry (below) are spectacular species of wood.

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  • robert A knight

    Love the floor. Need it in my home in Jamaica. I’d like to sell it out there too. How can I get started?

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