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Outdoor Sheet Aluminum Seating Collection Topiary by Richard Schultz

If the Topiary line of garden furniture reminds you of shrubbery, good. That’s what Richard Schultz intended when he designed this line of cutaway aluminum outdoor furniture for Knoll. The pieces (particularly the green color option) disappear into nature, while leaving a dappled array of sunlight speckles behind. And what sheer Victorian elegance is there in the white cutaway chairs around the glass topped table? (See below.) Big deep goose feather cushions in matching colors would be the crowning glory for this furniture. Powder coated, the sheet aluminum pieces can be left outside year round. Aren’t the colors just charming? And there are 16 available – so the color is pretty much up to you. With each change in light, the shadows and light cast by the perforations changes. They’d be great at the cottage, great by the pool, great for that sidewalk bistro you’ve always wanted to open!

Can’t you see cucumber sandwiches being served on this table?

What a beautiful deep terra cotta – it contrasts nicely well with the green around it.

Didn’t you always want to open a little cafe?

The color choices are rich and vibrant.

Green blends the most into a garden environment.

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