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Heat up your Patio: Outdoor Space Heaters

When the first mushroom-topped residential outdoor space heaters arrived on the market – we were all so happy that we could heat up our patio and sit outside later into the season. It was a way to stay warm without putting a bonfire together. No one worried about the design. That’s certainly changed and for the better! Look at all these incredible modern design styles below. Disguised as lamps, disguised as tables – what will they think of next? There’s an outdoor space heater for every patio and yard, no matter what style you call your own. We’re into the season now – how will you heat up your patio?

These patio heaters (above and below)are disguised as giant lamps! Don’t they look amazing? Our favorite.


table (above and below) patio heaters are another clever variation.


terrace heaters boast a dancing flame. We’re come a long way from the first patio heaters!

Blue (above and below) is one of many colors available. We weren’t kidding when we said there was a heater for every patio.

The orange is a great color. And the lights (see below) – you can have a 360 light or a directional light. Patio heaters go uptown.

The Ferrara line of patio heaters from also comes in many splendid colors.

The Bonfire patio heater also has the vertical dancing flame. Such luxury in what used to be such a utilitarian piece. We can see spending a chilly night here. Can you?

The Titan is another winning design from UK.

Square Mocha vertical heater adds elegance to any terrace.

The Tungsten Smart Heat unit from has a decidedly futuristic feel to it.

The is heavy duty with 41,000 BTUs. Note the wheels for easy moving.

The Fire Mountain Halogen is a great table top unit. It has lots of height.

Italia Capri is another elegant shape and style outdoor heater.

This tabletop model lights up the night.

As you can see from our selection of outdoor space heaters above, there are many ways you can go and many fantastic designs to choose from. Vertical, tabletop, with lights, without lights. You can even get blue tooth speakers custom installed in some. We’ve come a long way in extending our outdoor entertaining season. Don’t let it pass you by!



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