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Red Exterior Homes: Paint the Town

Yes, you’re seeing red. That’s because we’ve found 11 examples of red exterior homes and wanted to share them as a group. Red is such a bold color – and it can be a very large leap of faith to commission a red house. Or paint a house red. Although paint is one thing, you can do it over if you have to, but siding? Not so much. But calm that fearful mind – red can look great, as you’ll see from the house samples below. They are mostly cherry red, or fire-engine red – the quintessential hues of choice. And then there’s the Ferrari-red high gloss house. Which is your favorite?

Red exterior is popular! Just check out this red weeHouse by – it’s one of their most-asked-for prefab model. The “Corncrib” style siding is red stained pine and it was inspired by local Northern Minnesota wood cabins and the image of a tugboat. The white birch trees and a red home … isn’t it a picturesque vacation home idea?!

This has a red brick exterior.

This red exterior home is modern cubist.

This home looks like a traditional red barn – lots of room in here!

This container home has a great shade of red on its exterior!

Another container house with a great red exterior!

This red exterior house makes such a statement in the snow!

There’s a high gloss Ferrari red exterior finish on this red house!


This home was designed based on statistics of what people prefer. Guess red exterior was up there!

This modern glazed red house has great overhangs. And a red exterior, of course!

This stacked box cantilevered modern home is gorgeous in red.

And there’s an entire village of red exterior homes in Austria. Talk about painting the town red!



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