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Timber Cabin Built into Cliff Side Site-
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Timber Cabin Built into Cliff Side Site

Hungary-based added some unusual architectural features to the prominent cliffs and forests of rural Koszeg, Hungary. This site was a rock quarry a few hundred years ago, leaving this rock face as a reminder of what it once was, and as its stand-out feature in the modern day. The architects created this wood cabin design that complements its surroundings, yet stands out on its own merits. The wood clad house features Larch in two opposing forms – rough sawn and black-stained on the exterior, smooth and refined for the minimalist interiors. This countryside home is certainly one to see. Check it out!

The wood cabin design is nestled in this pretty clearing, set on a rock base against a backdrop of cliffs and forest.

The home’s low-profile, single-storey stature shrinks against the grandeur of its natural surroundings. You can’t compete against Mother Nature, so you might as well give in to her. The architects used these picturesque private surroundings as inspiration for this indoor outdoor design.

At the center of the home, an open nook is tucked beneath the roof yet wall-less, is exposed to the fresh air and natural views – surely a favorite retreat for residents and visitors.

This outdoor opening overlooks the wooded property at one opening, while at the other, it frames the rough, rocky cliff rising at the rear of the home.

The wood that finished the facade and these indoor / outdoor living areas works its way up into tables and benches, bringing function, uniformity and simplicity.

Behind the hoe, the massive rock facade creates privacy and anchors the little house within its grand environment.

In contrast to the dark, earthy exterior, interiors are bright, white and thoroughly minimalist in their overall look and feel.

White cabinetry blends into walls, providing out-of-sight storage without compromising the home’s minimalist aesthetic.

The home’s cool, clean backdrop highlights its breathtaking views!

These open concept interiors are a sweet spot for some serenity or socializing.

The bathroom is a nature-inspired spa retreat. This wood-wrapped tub beckons with its natural timber grain and the promise of a soothing soak.

The vanity artful incorporates the rocky views into the bathroom space – gorgeous!

The bathroom is open to the bedroom – just follow the long, lean lines from bathtub to floor.

By night, the home’s floor-to-ceiling windows glow warmly against the cool stone and trees.


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