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Unique and Creative Staircase Designs for Modern Homes

How creative can you get when you design a staircase? You wouldn’t think there would be that many unique styles but believe us, they are out there. Staircase designs for modern homes can go so many ways. Wood, glass, metal. Floating, hanging, cantilevered. You can minimize the footprint for small abodes or have sweeping staircases for large spaces. Whether you are looking for a space saving solution for a tiny house or a grand gesture staircase for a palatial mansion, the wide variety of choices are yours to discover. All you have to do is take that first step – check out these 30 creative designs.

Isn’t this the most incredible staircase design you have ever seen? Extremely creative. Part cocoon, part tunnel, part egg shell. It’s a bespoke staircase by master stair designer, . Down the rabbit hole we go!

Metal Staircases

The DNA Staircase: This helical staircase has a floating structure. And lots of glass and steel (also shown below in color). Again, from .

This antique red spiral staircase fits right into this modern room.

Modern stainless steel piping defines this staircase – along with the hanging light.


Metal brackets shape this modern floating staircase by – and give an otherwise dull wall a pop of color.

Scala Origami, by , looks like origami paper. This metal staircase floats on air.


The above is the Oak Spiral Staircase with Metal Backbone by French designer . He has taken the standard spiral design to a new level, and made it into a stairway that expands the size of the steps as they get closer to the ground. The structural backbone is a metal post with triangular wedges supported by welded ribs.

Skinny Staircases for Smaller Spaces

These stairs have such a small footprint, they are almost a ladder. What a great space-saving staircase design.

This skinny staircase with a glass wall is a great idea for small spaces.

This unusual red staircase makes a statement in a small place.

This skinny staircase has lots of storage.

Wooden Staircases


Cantilevered wooden stairs with glass balustrade are self-bearing. Concorde, by .

Floating wooden staircase in , Mexico City, by JSA Artchitects.

This well-defined staircase showcases wood and lighting, with fine grained box steps. Scala Compon in wood by .

Radial Layer Staircase: This design features vertical timber layers supporting treads for an almost ethereal look.

Is this a staircase or a sculpture? You be the judge. Designed by .

This curved staircase is almost Gaudi – it certainly is art.

These reclaimed stairs are a piece of art themselves. Perfect for the loft in the old warehouse.

We almost couldn’t decide about this one – does it go under Wooden Staircases or Glass Staircases? And then we thought – the tread is the thing. Gradini in Legno by .

Glass Staircases


Transparent glass stairs from have that gorgeous green hue to the thick glass treads.

Along the same line, thick tempered glass treads, but this time with no balustrade or railing!

Going even further, why not position a water-garden under your glass stairs? That’s just what they did at .

And for the photographer in the family? The light box glass tread stairs. Illuminating. From .

This floating glass stairway wraps around an aquarium. Yes, that’s right, an aquarium. Created by , for the Glen Eagles Golf Course in Scotland.

Hanging Staircases


Also by , this ravishing red metal hanging staircase, custom built for Michaelis Boyd Associates.

This modern metal hanging staircase looks like a wedge of Swiss cheese! And thus the name: .

Your own veggie garden on the stairs? It’s all the rage. What the heck, plant a few herbs and flowers, too.

For more creative ideas, visit our Modern Staircase Options section and check out the Staircase Designs for modern interiors.



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