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Wildly Whimsical Domestic Trophies Knitted by Rachel Denny

Rachel Denny loves to knit the great outdoors and the results are wildly whimsical representations of Mother Nature’s wilderness creatures. While accurate in depiction, the palette of colors and the knitted texture – especially the cable knit – create a fairytale aesthetic that is both elegant and majestic.

wildly whimsical domestic trophies knitted rachel denny 2 arrow buck thumb 630x658 46703 Wildly Whimsical Domestic Trophies Knitted by Rachel Denny

Best known for her Domestic Trophies covered in cashmere cable knit wool, her art is showcased in galleries nationwide and she is represented by Foster/White Gallery in Seattle.

When Rachel was a child she went with her dad on hunting trips. She never shot anything, but the hours of waiting and the seriousness of it all was a little surreal for her. It is this experience that led her to her Domestic Trophies.

The knitted taxidermy is a unique merging of both the feminine and the masculine.

Her creations are made from polyurethane foam, wood, wool, thread and a zipper.

Beauty, elegance, serenity…and humor!




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