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Wooden Christmas Decorations Made from Juniper Tree

These charming Christmas decorations were designed (and handmade) by Romanian artists Zsolt and Réka. Carved from Juniper wood, they are as natural as it gets, treated with only beeswax and linseed oil. Every step is done by hand: design, cutting, polishing. You can be assured you’ve got the most natural tree decoration possible. Aren’t the shapes cute? And the lines in the wood are simply nature at its best. And how apropos – decorating a tree with pieces of a tree, it’s almost a tribute tree. From cut outs of trees, to reindeer, to clouds – each piece is lovingly made and they even have their own custom storage box. And they look like Christmas cookies made from wood. For a unique spin on Christmas this year – go back to nature and put some trees on the tree!

Christmas trees and candles!

Snowmen for your tree!

Juniper clouds!

Doesn’t this look like a Christmas cookie?

Aren’t the lines of the wood beautiful?

What would Christmas be without reindeer?

These decorations have a custom box – like a miniature closet to hang them in when not in use.




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